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Blaze Mobile Creates App For Hip Hop Public Health - 29 May 2014
Blaze Mobile Creates App For Hip Hop Public Health ...More

Blaze Mobile Awarded Three Key Patents For NFC Mobile Payments - 13 May 2013
Blaze Mobile, a leader in NFC and mobile payments technology, has recently been awarded three key NFC Mobile Payment patents ...More

Blaze Mobile Partners with iPharmacy and iReainX to offer NFC Smart Stickers For HealthCare - 19 October 2012
iPharmacy, the popular award-winning mobile app, has partnered with Blaze Mobile, a leader in NFC and mobile payments technology, and mHealth pioneer, iRetainRx, to deliver a revolutionary healthcare tool that improves communication between patients and medical professionals, allows patients to monitor their treatment, and enables mobile purchases at over 200,000 stores. ...More

USPTO publishes Blaze Mobile's Patent on Social Commerce - 21 March 2012
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has published a new patent filed by Blaze Mobile, a leader in mobile payment and NFC solutions. This patent application covers NFC purchases made and then shared via social media, plus rewards given for sharing information about the purchase. ...More

Blaze Mobile Awarded Patent for Mobile Banking Using NFC - 19 March 2012
Blaze Mobile, a leader in mobile payment solutions, has received a Notice of Allowance for a new patent for Mobile Banking Using NFC. This patent involves using a mobile device for bill payment, funds transfer, or any financial transaction and using an NFC enabled device to fund the transaction. ...More

Blaze Mobile Awarded Patent for NFC Payment Sticker and Mobile Wallet - 18 July 2011
Blaze Mobile, a leader in mobile payment solutions, has been awarded a patent for its NFC payment sticker and mobile wallet. The mobile wallet works on both smartphones and non-smartphones. Smartphone users can download the free Blaze Mobile Wallet app for iPhone/iPod and BlackBerry devices, and use it for mobile payments, banking, rewards cards, mobile coupons and more. ...More

New Blaze Mobile Smart Payment Sticker - 14 December 2010
Blaze Mobile, a leader in mobile payment solutions, has invented a new patent pending “smart” sticker that enables information to be transferred in real-time between the sticker and a mobile device without the use of a carrier network. With Blaze’s new sticker, when consumers make contactless purchases, the data is sent directly from the sticker to the mobile device, eliminating the need for a carrier network or WIFI. ...More

“Blaze rated as one of top new ways to manage your money “ by CNN Money - 13 October 2010
No need for cred cards of cash - just swipe your phone at the register. Then broadcast your purchase on Facebook or Twitter to update your friends on what you just bought (if you want). Sound weird? Yup -- but not too weird for the 100,000 customers already using Blaze's Mobile Wallet an average of nine times a day. ...More

Cellfire delivers grocery coupon deals on Blaze Mobile with QMobile coupons platform - 13 October 2010
Cellfire Inc., the leader in electronic mobile coupon solutions, today announced that Blaze Mobile is offering its users a new way to easily discover coupons and save on their next grocery shopping trip with Cellfire QMobile Coupons. The electronic coupon syndication platform is now available for the Blaze Mobile Wallet 2.0 iPhone™ application and enables consumers access to Cellfire’s network of more than 30 grocery chains across 5,000 stores nationwide and to hundreds of dollars in grocery savings a year. ...More

Blaze Mobile Launches New iPhone App that lets you "Check Out." - 7 October 2010
Blaze Mobile, a leader in mobile payment solutions,introduces the Blaze Mobile Wallet 2.0 application for iPhone as a free download available in the Apple App Store. The app boasts a new social feature called, “check out,” that allows consumers to share their purchases on Facebook. ...More

Active Blaze Mobile Users access Digital Wallet a staggering 9 times daily - 12 January 2010
Blaze Mobile, a leading application for mobile banking, today announced that active Blaze Mobile Wallet users access their digital wallet an average of nine times each day and over 50% of the active users viewing their account balance and receipts. ...More

Blaze Mobile and Tetherball offer a revolutionary mobile loyalty and payments solution for your mobile phone - 15 December 2009
Blaze Mobile and Tetherball today announced that they will provide consumers the ability to not only redeem mobile rewards and coupons, but also to pay for their purchase using their mobile phone. ...More

BusinessWeek, Software and Technology Services: Blaze Mobile, Inc. - 16 July 2009
Blaze Mobile, Inc. develops mobile commerce and advertising solutions for handheld devices. The company focuses on providing solutions for consumers to conduct a host of safe and secure transactions, such as balance inquiry, transaction history, bill presentment, payment and transfer functionality, ticketing, coupon, and rewards through their mobile phones. ...More

Wallets and Stickers and Phones, Oh My! – A Look at Blaze Mobile - 15 July 2009
Glenbrook, along with the rest of the payments industry, has been watching developments in mobile payments closely. A few weeks ago, our partner Carol Coye Benson profiled Boku and CashEdge products. Today, she takes a look at Canada’s Zoompass, Zong, Billing Revolution, and Blaze Mobile ...More

Stickers: the intermediate step to handset-based mobile payments - 27 May 2009
MasterCard Worldwide has announced a deal with Alameda, Calif.-based Blaze Mobile Inc. to market the stickers, and Visa USA is working with Greenwood, Colo.-based First Data Corp. to popularize the GO-Tags that can take the form of stickers, pins, key fobs or wristbands. ...More

Banking on Your Cell Phone - 20 April 2009
Now you can turn your cell phone into a branch of your bank, or a quick and easy payment method. New services offered by banks and credit-card companies make it easy to check account balances, transfer funds or find the nearest ATM, among other things. For consumers on the move, these services can be a big time saver both as a money-management tool and a cash substitute. ...More

Mastercard and Blaze Mobile launch PayPass mobile stickers - 2 April 2009
The new Blaze Mobile Mastercard PayPass sticker can be attached to any phone and is seen as a bridge to offering full NFC capabilities. ...More

Mastercard and Blaze Mobile launch PayPass mobile stickers - 2 April 2009
Hello! If you're new here, you might want to sign up for our email newsletter or subscribe to our feed to get the latest NFC headlines delivered to your inbox. The new Blaze Mobile Mastercard PayPass sticker can be attached to any phone and is seen as a bridge to offering full NFC capabilities. ...More

Attacking the Mobile Wallet Gap - 1 April 2009
I can hear it now: calls to address the mobile wallet gap. After all, a lot of cell phones in Japan can beam your credit card number to a nearby terminal, allowing you to buy your manga and ramen without ever pulling your wallet out of your packet. ...More

MasterCard's NFC 'Interim Solution' - 31 March 2009
MasterCard Inc. is trying to prime the market for mobile financial services by offering contactless payments stickers that consumers can attach to their wireless handsets. ...More

MasterCard enhances mobile payment sticker for handsets - 31 March 2009
Tap and go! MasterCard Worldwide has teamed up with Blaze Mobile to introduce the Blaze Mobile MasterCard PayPass mobile payment sticker. ...More

Blaze Mobile, MasterCard launch contactless payment sticker - 30 March 2009
Blaze Mobile, an Alameda, Calif. provider of mobile commerce applications, has partnered with MasterCard to produce a contactless payment sticker that can turn a mobile phone into a payments device. MasterCard says it sees this approach as a bridge to fully integrated contactless payment capabilities using NFC technology. ...More

Blaze Mobile and MasterCard Worldwide Offer Innovative Payment Sticker for Tap & Go ™ Payments Using Mobile Devices - 30 March 2009
Blaze Mobile and MasterCard Worldwide today introduced the Blaze Mobile MasterCard ® PayPass ™ mobile payment sticker. The small mobile payment sticker can be affixed to any mobile device, enabling it to be used for "Tap & Go" purchases at any of the over 141,000 merchant locations accept PayPass. The mobile payment sticker is tied to a prepaid account and is issued by MetaBank. ...More

Blaze Mobile Wallet Transforms iPhone into Payments Device at the Point of Sale (sort of) - 03 March 2009
It will take years before the mobile phone fulfills its promise as a true mobile payments device. Or will it? If you don't mind a bit of a work-around and you limit your purchases to MasterCard PayPass-enabled merchants, you can pay by cell phone today thanks to Blaze Mobile. ...More

Blaze Mobile Wallet iPhone App - 11 February 2009
Blaze Mobile Wallet is a secure mobile commerce solution for the iPhone and the iPod touch that is now available in the Apple Store....More

Blaze Mobile Wallet Now Available on Apple App Store - 9 February 2009
Blaze Mobile today announced a version of its Blaze Mobile Wallet, the first fully- integrated, secure mobile commerce solution for handheld devices, that supports iPhone and iPod touch is now available on the Apple App Store. The Blaze Mobile Wallet gives users the ability to quickly transact everyday purchases and easily manage personal finance tasks like banking and fund transfers. ...More

Blaze Mobile Wallet #2 of the “Top 10 Coolest Things at CTIA 2008” on WashingtonPost.com - 7 April 2008
“…2. Mobile Banking: Blaze Mobile has developed a mobile application to allow you to track bank accounts and debit and credit cards from several banks and services. It allows you to make "contactless" payments using near-field communications. If your phone doesn't have NFC, you can sign up for a pre-paid Mastercard through Blaze that gives you a NFC sticker to make payments. The app costs $1.99 to download….” Read Article

Blaze Mobile Wallet set to ignite mobile marketplace - 1 April 2008
ALAMEDA, Calif. -- The prospect of universal contactless payments and a digital replacement for that old leather billfold in your pocket just got that much closer to being real. An application called Blaze Mobile Wallet is now available for the top cellular phones on the AT&T and Sprint Nextel networks. ...More

Mobile Candy Dish and CardMarte partner to expand mobile commerce globally - 23 October 2007
Mobile Candy Dish, Inc has formed an exclusive agreement with CardMarte to expand mobile commerce globally. The new joint venture enables consumers around the word will have access to a private-label contactless debit MasterCard© which also serves as a FDIC insured account in a Federally Charter Bank. ...More

Marcus Theaters and Mobile Candy Dish make long lines a thing of the past - 9 March 2007
Marcus Theaters and Mobile Candy Dish today announced the pilot launch of a new service that allows consumers to use their mobile phones, wherever they happen to be, to buy movie tickets and get movie information. ...More

Mobile Candy Dish Joins the NFC Forum - 8 September 2006
Mobile Candy Dish, a leader in mobile commerce, announced today that it has joined the Near Field Communication (NFC) Forum, a non-profit industry association advancing the use of NFC technology, as an Associate member. ...More

Mobile Candy Dish sweetens the search for movies with the launch of Movie Candy - 18 January 2006
Mobile Candy Dish, a leader in mobile commerce, today announces the launch of the Movie Candy application for cell phone users.  Movie Candy allows mobile phone users to inexpensively search for movies, get show times, critic reviews, cast description, directions, maps and points of interest like nearby restaurants and bars. ...More

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