Blaze Security




Proven Security

Blaze’s) infrastructure ensures the highest level of security with a world class network, data and physical security system.


BLAZE  ensures the highest levels of security to meet and exceed financial industry and federal regulatory standards.


BLAZE ’s security meets industry standards such as PCI (Personal Cardholder Information). BLAZE ’s 3rdParty vendors are also required to be PCI certified (as needed) or meet more stringent industry standards such as SAS 70 Type II, ISO 17799 Compliance, and Visa CISP Level One Compliance (as needed).


BLAZE  secure network infrastructure includes:


l  Multifactor authentication, Client Access Control and Privileges


l  Firewalls


l  24x7 Intrusion Detection


l  Password Protection and Aging


l  SSL


l  Third Party Audits and Inspections


l  Data Security


l  Data Integrity


l  Physical Security


l  Remote OTA Lock


l  Reliability


l  Performance


Secure Network Infrastructure

*        Multifactor Authentication, Continuous Client Authentication and Access –All client-server interaction is based on multifactor client-side authentication. This prevents client-spoofing and ensure access-control are enforced in real-time

*        Firewalls - External access to BLAZE 's networks is controlled by several layers of firewalls and routers--all configured according to industry best practices. Administrative access to the production infrastructure is restricted to a dedicated production-access infrastructure and requires multiple authentication steps. Additional firewalls are used to secure access to the BLAZE  database layer from the application layer.

*        Intrusion Detection - BLAZE 's entire production network is monitored for intrusion attempts 24x7.

*        Password Protection - User passwords are transmitted in encrypted format at all times. They are encrypted in both external network transmissions and in network links internal to BLAZE 's production infrastructure while they reside in storage in BLAZE 's databases. The entire BLAZE  production infrastructure is housed in Level-3 Communications secure hosting facilities.

*        SSL - All user-related information transferred between a user's client (mobile application, web browser) and BLAZE 's servers is protected through Secure Socket Layer (SSL). SSL creates an encrypted connection between the mobile client (and web client) and the BLAZE  servers. BLAZE  employs certificates for this service.

*        Third Party Audits and Inspections - The BLAZE  security infrastructure is regularly reviewed and audited by firms that specialize in security processes and technologies, including semi-annual audits of network and security policies and procedures by industry recognized IT security auditors.

*        Data Security - At the data security level, the BLAZE  Platform encrypts all user authentication data. This authentication data is stored in databases housed in BLAZE 's secure hosting facilities and then transmitted securely within the network.

*        Data Integrity - BLAZE 's technology uniquely "understands" web content and knows what information to look for and display for user accounts. If, for any reason, BLAZE  cannot access or update a user's personal information, it will revert back to the last successful update to ensure no inaccurate information is presented.

*        Physical Security - BLAZE  production servers are stored  in a secure co-location facility. Access to the facility requires both card key and biometrics (hand scanning).  Security personnel monitor the facility 24 hours a day.

*        Remote OTA Lock – In the event you have temporarily misplaced, loaned or lost you phone, you can call our help desk or reset the Blaze service PIN remotely (via the web portal) and immediately enforce Client-side PIN authentication. For NFC-enabled phones, it is possible to permanently shutdown the payment application to prevent fraudulent access to your payment credentials.

*        Reliability- BLAZE  Servers are full-mirrored and have hot standbys.

*        Performance- BLAZE ’s network connection supports 100 Mbps of bandwidth.